Reclaim Your Privacy ... Learn to
Make Your Internet Purchases
Anonymous and Untraceable.

How To Purchase Anonymously On The Internet E-Book. How To Buy Products and Services on the Web in Complete Privacy.
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It is possible to buy anonymously on the web, and my
digital guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Dear Hank,

With everything computerized these days, I thought it was impossible to keep a purchase anonymous anymore. Your book opened my eyes. Thank you!


Sanger, Texas

I developed and fine-tuned these methods and techniques through persistence and a lot of trial-and-error. There is absolutely no reason for you to stumble through all the pitfalls like I did.  How I wish someone had written a guide like this that I could have used!

I will demonstrate in this digital guide how you can maintain your privacy and:

  • Make anonymous internet purchases, even when a credit card is required
  • Receive package deliveries at alternate addresses
  • Send and receive anonymous e-mails and phone calls
  • Utilize the PayPal service in a "pen name"
  • Buy and sell on eBay with a pseudonym
  • Keep your computer free of sensitive data


Worth the price! You definitely deliver on what you promise. I just wish you would take this off the market so only a handful of us would know how to do this!


San Jose, California

Why would you want to be anonymous on the web?  It's all about privacy.  What you buy online is your business and no one else's.  Here are just a few direct benefits you will enjoy after reading my guide:

  • Stay out of pesky marketing databases
  • Eliminate the possibility of credit card or identity theft
  • Hide a purchase from a household member
  • Make an anonymous donation to a charity or cause
  • Purchase adult products anonymously
  • Subscribe to controversial newsletters, services, or e-zines
  • Order a healthcare product without insurance company's knowledge
  • Avoid giving "ammunition" to political adversaries
  • Elude a stalker or violent ex-husband / ex-wife

Dear Sir,

You have obviously put a lot of time and research into this guide. I just made my first anonymous internet purchase and it went perfectly. Thank you!


Coral Springs, Florida

Readers keep telling me that this information is so valuable and that they can't believe I'm not charging hundreds of dollars. My normal price had been $49.00 but right now I am offering it for the extremely reasonable price of just $29.00.


I know you will enjoy this book, as I have poured many years of experience into writing it!

    Yours In Privacy,

Author signature

    Hank Taggart

P.S.  I am so confident of the effectiveness of these methods that I will even offer you a
60-day money back guarantee. If you purchase the guide and later think that it was not worth the price, just send me an email and I will immediately process a refund for you.

P.P.S.  Upon completing the payment process, you will have instant access to the guide in Adobe PDF format.